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The Academic Minute | November 2014

Paul Arciero, Skidmore College – The Quality of Exercise

By Matthew | November 2014 | The Academic Minute

Sometimes the old cliche less is more actually fits.

Dr. Paul Arciero, a professor in Skidmore College’s health & exercises department, discusses how the type of exercise you do might make all the difference.

Read Full Article and listen to Dr. Paul at The Academic Minute

  • Weight Loss and Better Health: Before & After

  • Weight Loss and Better Health: Before & After
  • Weight Loss and Better Health: Before & After

What's Being Said...

  • After meeting Dr. Paul Arciero, I knew I had to attend Skidmore College to have the benefit of learning the many topics of Exercise Science from him.

    Lee Zimmerman MS, CSCS
    26-Time National Power Lifting Champion
    7-Time World Power Lifting Champion

  • It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Paul Arciero to anyone searching for a fulfilled, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    Michael Ormsbee, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
    President, Ormsbee Fitness Consulting

  • As an Athletic Director I’m always trying to find ways to educate and motivate our athletes of striving to do better. Our girl’s cross country team is nationally ranked and I was looking for an individual to speak on training and nutrition needs of highly successful athletes.

    Robert McGuire
    Athletic Director
    Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake High School

  • Your talk, “Optimal Nourishment For The Hospice Volunteer”, was very informative, motivating, and inspiring.  It was great to hear about the latest research results and your slides were a great learning adjunct.  You clearly conveyed what our giving volunteers need to do to optimally take care of themselves. You presented the information in a way that makes it easy and practical to understand and make changes.  I think everyone learned a lot.

    Your enthusiasm for the topic is contagious, keep up the great work!

    Cory Ward
    Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
    Hospice Saratoga County


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