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Protein Pacing

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Protein Pacing Burns Belly Fat and Builds Muscle!

Protein Pacing as your "Morning Muscle Maximizer" ("MMM") and a "Bedtime Belly Fat Burner" ("BBB")

The Morning Muscle Maximizer (MMM) emphasizes the very important 1st meal to start the day that transitions our body from breaking down muscle to maximize building muscle.
Bedtime Bellyfat Burner (BBB) - This emphasizes the very important last meal of the day to enhance belly-fat burning during the night while you are sleeping.
These are 2 of the most simple and easiest (quick and easy low hanging fruit) lifestyle strategies that everyone NEEDS to do to optimally enhance our body composition.


Testimonial - Anna L.

You are one of my favorite professors at Skidmore because your passion for teaching inspires my desire to learn. I've learned so much from your lectures; I've been unconsciously educating my friends on how they should take care of themselves. My nick name is "Doctor Lee" now, haha, because my friends are amazed at how much I know about the human body after your class.

Anna L.

Testimonial - Bob T.

A well rounded athlete is a prepared athlete. Attendance at his yoga sessions and seminars is routinely standing room only.

Our experience with Dr. Arciero has been without equal!

Bob T.

Testimonial - Jeannie

This has been the most successful experience I've ever had in a decades-long quest to get healthy. 

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Testimonial - Gary

To tell you the truth I was not sure I even wanted to take part in this weight loss program, I hate to excise and I love to eat.

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Testimonial - Frank

I just completed Dr. Paul's diet and exercise program and I want to tell you my story.

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Testimonial - Chris G.

I have known Dr. Paul Arciero for nearly 16 years, first as a mentor, then a colleague, and above all, as a friend. He is far and away the best scientist I have ever met, and his work over the last twenty years has greatly enhanced our knowledge of the health benefits of diet and exercise. 

Chris G.

Testimonial - Cory W.

Your talk, “Optimal Nourishment For The Hospice Volunteer”, was very informative, motivating, and inspiring.  It was great to hear about the latest research results and your slides were a great learning adjunct.  I think everyone learned a lot.

Cory W.


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