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Doctor says fitness tracking devices need to be looked at in steps

Are you among the millions sporting some kind of fitness tracking device?

By: Benita Zahn

I use a GPS watch for running. It also keeps track of the steps I take daily.

Are these gizmos helping us to be healthier?

I visited a local nutrition and exercise specialist for the answer.

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What is the PRISE Protocol?

Dr. Paul's PRISE Protocol™ - Optimal Health and Performance For Life

Dr. Paul has developed a one-of-a-kind system to cut through all the confusing health, performance, and "body transformation" information that's out there... and provide you with a program that guarantees success. 

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Dr. Paul's PRISE Protocol™

  • 16-Weeks of ONLINE Self-Paced Study that you can ACCESS ANYTIME 24/7!
  • Weekly Videos and Coaching Tips to Guide You Through Your Journey
  • Exclusive Daily Motivational and Guidance Tips (via Twitter)
  • Dr. Paul's eCook Book & Meal Guide
  • Monthly Webinars -provide critical NEW INFORMATION about Health, Wellness, and Optimal Performance

A 16-WEEK PROGRAM that includes step-by-step instructions for DAILY EATING (NOT dieting!) and EXERCISE, including relaxation and recovery! Throughout the program, Dr. Paul's Protocol&#8482 will help you make PERMANENT, LASTING CHANGESto your lifestyle. He's with YOU every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the results that YOU desire!


  • PRISE™ | Weight Loss

    PRISE™ has helped thousands of people successfully lose weight and keep it off. Many of us know losing weight can be easy. But, that doesn't mean it’s healthy or long-lasting. Dr. Paul has dedicated the past 25 years to conducting scientific research studies identifying the safest and quickest way to lose weight and keep it off! PRISE™ is a scientifically proven weight loss strategy that melts away your fat, especially your belly fat, and increases the proportion of lean muscle mass.
  • PRISE™ | Athletic Performance

    Dr. Paul provides nutritional counseling to athletes ranging from “weekend warriors” to “elite professionals” across the age range, so he understands what it takes to perform at the highest level of athletic competition. He was a top-ranked collegiate athlete and played professionally and he continues to compete at the masters level. PRISE™ is scientifically proven to increase muscular strength and endurance, improve balance and core strength and enhance flexibility. Let PRISE™ make you a better athlete!
  • PRISE™ | Wellness

    PRISE™ is ideally suited for employee wellness across all industries and size of company. Dr. Paul consults with industry leaders in healthcare, technology, education, and government using PRISE™. PRISE™ is nimble enough to be administered on an individual or group basis and delivered as a social support or competition model to foster physical activity among employees and constituents.
  • A Lifetime of Research

    Dr. Paul has been an active, nutrition, exercise physiology and optimal health research-scientist for over 25 years and publishes his findings in peer-reviewed science journals. From his lifetime of study, analysis and research, Dr. Paul has developed a highly specific "Protocol" that incorporates science based information on both performance nutrition and exercise training in a nurturing and caring approach. Achieving "Optimal Health and Improved Performance" can be a lifelong outcome for anyone that follows his Protocol.

    Dr. Paul has advanced degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology and therefore, fully understands the synergistic effect of both lifestyle strategies to achieve Optimal Health. Dr. Paul presents first-hand knowledge to audiences around the world, and as a result, he is able to help anyone adopt his Protocol to achieve optimal health and performance at any age, status of health, and athletic level. His research-based protocol has helped thousands of people and athletes to achieve optimal health and improved athletic performance! Read below to understand how you too can achieve optimal health and performance.

  • Dr. Paul's PRISE Protocol™ and Protein Pacing can work for anyone!

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